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Default Re: Left Hook- palms down or facing inward?

Originally Posted by boxon123 View Post
Interesting! Evander Holyfield employed Weldon as his Balance Coach. And I think Holyfield may have used one of Weldon's moves to ko Buster Douglas(bounce forward bounce out and throw the right hand). Holyfield used the hook far more often that most fighters he uses the thumb up method.
Well there are flaws in the mans theorys then, anybody that knows anything about the human body and balance knows we are top heavy our heads is what tips us over, so to be leaning forward is going to make you off balance as your centre of gravity isnt big enough to maintain balance which most commonly is compensated for with a wider stance which means movement from this stance will be slow and awkward rather than controlled movement, now your using a series of controlled falls rather than a more controlled movement using your legs to drive off in a certain direction. wasted energy using muscles to stabilize in back and legs hams/glutes to compensate for the poor posture when you have a skeletal structure you can use properly to bear a lot of the weight instead thus saving energy, dont fight against your joints work with them, i could go on but you get the idea, leaning is counter productive in terms of balance which will effect striking and movement, to sum it all up you just cant drive off a foot as easy from the stance leaning will leave you with thus effecting your explosiveness, potential range, speed etc, etc. not to mention leaving you open to being spoon fed a nice uppercut.
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