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Default Re: 43-0 with 31 kos and you still need a tuneup?

Originally Posted by bigtime9
ok why does ricky need a tuneup fight at 147? didn't he just fight collazo there two fights ago. how is it that a fighter who is 43-0 still needs a tuneup to fight the best, does ricky have no confidence in his skills? I mean why ask HBO for another tuneup fight in England when you have been campaining in the states to get a big fight with the best fighter on the planet

I smell a rat, ricky has no intention of getting in the ring with floyd anytime soon. I think he is waiting on the outcome of the gatti/gomez fight to make a decision. Ricky has been clamouring for a gatti fight for a long time (and we all know why ) and if gatti gets by gomez then I think hatton will take that option (gatti vs hatton in england ) Ricky has been using floyd's name to promote himself for over two years now. after every fight he has mentioned floyd as a potential opponent, while fighting maussa, collazo, urango, and castillo instead. I don't think hatton is fooling anyone except die hard floyd haters with his current routine.

Hatton has always followed the path of least resistance and his record proves that. While floyd may have his detractors one thing is clear floyd is three fights away from achieving immortality (hatton, mosley, cotto) within the squared circle, if hatton is a real man he will stop using floyd to promote his next fight (with each fight promising to fight floyd next) and step up to the plate and attempt greatness.

Sorry ricky but the stripteasing is over. Time to get that cherry popped
Floyd's retired you dumb****...
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