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Default Re: 43-0 with 31 kos and you still need a tuneup?

Originally Posted by igotJUIC3
Whats the point of public offers such as the nonsense Hatton has suggested? Its pointless he made his statement about PBF and PBF said lets all they gotta do is work the contracts out .... name another fight in which they shout out purse publicly????? Hatton knew what he was doing...if he wanted Floyd so bad 2 things...1 it would have been happened cus it was offered to him but turned down...and two...if he want and thinks he can beat Floyd so bad...why not accept whatever and wherever floyd wants...except money wise...i do agree that must be fair but where and what weight shouldnt matter.....Hatton doesnt wanna fight 147. Hatton doesnt want to fight in US either...he is already denying parts of the negotiation.....what your not realizing is Floyd wanted Oscar so he did whatever Oscar wanted.....Hatton wants Floyd.....but the same can not be said.
Like i said, whatever deal is signed ISNT SECRET!! It makes NO difference that the numbers are made public prior, UNLESS they are trying to hide some lowball deal, which is likely the case on Team mayweather side. This way at least hatton has some public record id PBF nixes the fight and then CLAIMS hatton ducked him.*****ing about it is POINTLESS!! Come correct and there isnt **** to ***** about.

Skip the "it was offered prior" bull**** those offer's came within a six month period BEFORE Hatton's contract with ****** expired. They werent going to lose a significant some of a huge fight, to ******. Just like PBF when he BOUGHT OUT his contract with Arum. Mentioning all of this is POINTLESS since they are discussing and offering at the moment. If floyd's determined to prove himself, then DO IT!!

No one's gonna accept an unfair offer and Hatton and PBF dont equate to DLH in drawing power. Of course you'll do whatever DLH wants when you're gonna make 20 + Mil. Bringing this up is POINTLESS and irrelevant to the situation.

AGAIN, IT'S MONEY!! Highest offer WINS. Hatton has said he wants the fight regardless of location. Yes, they expressed desire for the UK and made an offer to get it there. NOTHING WRONG WITH THAT!!!!!! If Floyd really wanted a HUGE STAGE to express his dominance, THE UK will provide that platform. Floyd has said that's possible, so the only remaining question is HOW MUCH??

Either way?? Name the price and sign the fight.
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