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Default Re: Haye vs Audley would be a great matchup

Originally Posted by scurlaruntings
Sure he is.Hayes had 1 bout at heavy. 1! I know Sprott indirectly through my Mrs and his a behemoth of a man in the flesh.Trust me Sprott bangs harder Haye.
i agree wityh you on the size he is huge he maybe small but he is a tank of a man.

he does have a big pop but has little technique to pull it off. in the harrison - sprott fight you could see audley saw an opening and came in to fire his left uppercut and bamn left hook hit his chin first.

sprott is more of a work rate fighter by just being right inside you all night that he could win rounds and then when you come to fdight him he fights back and will out fihgt you easily...look at the hoffman fight hofman just threw everything at the start but was just banging his gloves while sprott launched a jab to the body every time he moved away and followed him.

sprott is a good brisith heavy and sadly should of fought against skelton (the rematch) so poorly. he can punch he can box has a good defence but just isnt a talented man which is the end all of it really.
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