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Default Re: Boxinglad123's training log

15th December 2010

3x3 minutes shadow boxing with 1lb handweights (1 minute break)
3x3 minutes shadow boxing with hands only (1 minute break)

15 minute non stop light aerobic circuit (star-jumps etc)

2x70 knee tuck+crunch (one movement)
4x100 Russian twists (light dumbbell)
2x32 double crunch

Conditioning circuits - (10 plyometric press-ups/10 tuck jups) completed 3 tmes as fast as possible. Break. (10 jump squats/10 burpees) completed 3 times as fast as possible.

20 close grip chin-ups

10km cycle

6x50 wrist curls (5kg dumbbell), 6x20 reverse wrist curls (5kg dumbbell)

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