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Default Re: Harry Greb vs. Sugar Ray Robinson

Originally Posted by Flea Man View Post
True. I'm hoping a good editor can help convert Klomptons massive knowledge on Greb into an awesome read........because, although he gets some flak around here, I find him an incredibly useful and insightful poster.

Although I also agree with Lora's sentiment.
You agree he is too heavy handed? I think that was one of the most ridiculous comments i have heard, but maybe i dont take these message boards as personal or serious as some?

From what i have seen Klompton isnt afraid to put up an against the grain opinion. What did he do in this thread say Sugar Ray was great but not unbeatable? Because he was right.

Anyway, since poor old Sugar seems to be taking a bit ofa shellacking from everyone (by his standards anyway), i think i am going to come down on Rays side in this fight (and to be honest they are both great enough that either one could beat the other on any given night, imo). However, on tonight, i am leaning towards Ray. I notice from Greb's record, that he rarely stopped most of his fighters, he nearly always beat them on points. I think that this indicates taht despite the fact that he has a far better record against the bigger opponents (and i know he carried manyopponents), he probably isnt really that big a puncher and he is unlikely to actually stop Sugar Ray.

Much of this discussion in this thread is about what Greb would do to Sugar, but their is another side to things. Sugar will be faster than what Greb is used to, and he hits straighter andis more technically orthodox. This is going to cause him more problems than what a big hitting middleweight would cause Greb. Greb will have difficulties using his speed to dart in and out when he is the slower boxer. And if Greb wins he will have to win on points, because neither fighter is getting a knockout against the other here. Both are simply too great to allow it. I think that Ray can get the Decision here, despite Greb having the better legacy and generally being a better head to head middleweight.
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