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Default Re: Harry Greb vs. Sugar Ray Robinson

Originally Posted by burt bienstock View Post
Generally a good ****ysis except for one point you make...My all spectator accounts ,Robinjson was not faster than Harry Greb,hand or foot...
Robinson hit harder it is true,but Greb did not get hit solidly as often as
Ray did...If that were the case Greb would not have fought 300 career bouts against light heavies and heavies,and except for his first year,
\against a bigger and more experienced Joe Chip,Harry Greb was never
stopped in his amazing 300 bout career,aside from Kid Graves bout in which Harry broke an arm...And the main reason was his Greb's foot
speed and stamina, which most often kept him out of harm's way...
You may be correct. I wouldnt be surprised if Greb was quicker than Ray. But, the point is that Ray is quicker than most of the opponents Greb did well against. And i think that Greb might be troubled more by speedy boxer (particularly one with power as well) than by a big hitter. I think this is a similar situation to say a Muhammed Ali, who pretty much loved facing the bigger hitters. I dont think that Ray hitting harder than Greb would have any effect on Greb, but the fact that he hits hard and with his speed may land far more often that many of the guys who had Rays level of power is waht could trouble Greb. And no mattere what either of us thinks, there is no way to tell whether Greb or Ray is quicker. I hear what you are saying, but I dont think consensus would necessarilly make Ray the slower fighter (between guys who saw both?).

It is a funny situation when you think about it, the naturally smaller fighter quite possibly hits harder but is slower. Who wins, the Stronger little man or the slower big man
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