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Default Re: Harry Greb vs. Sugar Ray Robinson

Originally Posted by klompton View Post
Just for the record Greb fought LW, WW, MW, LHW, and HW. He turned pro as a lightweight, or rather just above the LW limit. and spent a year + fighting as a WW... People always try to use Robinsons start as a LW as some kind of caveat when talking about a H2H matchup with Greb and dont realize that Greb started out within a few pounds of Robinson
That's grand - thanks for the heads up. Is Greb's weight (given by boxrec) for December 1914's clash with Joe Borrell accurate? He is given as weighing just above 170 at that time. This is less than one year after his debut. Your thoughts?

Further to your remarks about the LW "caveat",Greb being smaller as a teen, how do you mean? How does Greb being smaller as a youth impact thoughts on a h2h match up?

lets not pretend that this means Greb somehow had a natural aptitude for taking on big badasses that he did and somehow Robinson didnt.
But this is exactly the case?
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