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Default Re: Harry Greb vs. Sugar Ray Robinson

Originally Posted by yaca you View Post
does anyone know why no video of grebs fights exist?
This is one of boxing's great mysteries. Greb-Tunney I and Greb-Walker were definitely filmed. There have been rumors for years that Greb-Walker is indeed in private hands. Tunney-Carpentier was filmed, and it seems highly improbable that Greb-Tunney IV in Cleveland wasn't filmed less than two months later. But there are not even accounts of these films being viewed in movie theaters. Nobody alive today saw Greb compete in the flesh, but one might expect somebody still around to have seen footage of Harry back in the 1930s and 1940s. Nothing.

Beyond that, Greb's hometown was also the home of pioneering radio station KDKA, which broadcast Greb-Tunney I from MSG II (an arena which the colorful Mickey Walker referred to as "the old, smelly one"), and presumably a number of Harry's other fights, especially from Motor Square Garden in Pittsburgh. But Bill Cayton had a number of fight broadcast recordings, and nothing of Greb's. The post Johnson-Jeffries ban on the interstate transport of boxing films did not extend to audio recordings. KDKA's 1920 announcement of Harding's election as President exists in pristine form, so one might expect recordings of Harry's bouts and even interviews to have been conducted with the man himself. If not, that's an incredible opportunity which was lost.
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