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Default Re: Macarinelli must feel a right ****head now

Man, i cant believe the stick big Enzo is getting

A week ago, everyone was backing him, & then cos he has the cheek to want a fight with Haye, everyone is going ****in crazy!

Me? I rarely watch fights at heavy or cruiser anymore. But i watched this one tonight, & couldnt believe how that Mormeck guy had two titles! The guy was an old plodder. haye goes in with all the hype, even the colonel was hyping him like he was the next Ali! Haye gets hit, does a dance, survives & then with the first good headshot he lands the whole fight, knocks the guy out. & then, Haye says hes stepping yp to heavyweight? crazy stuff. hayes got enough natural talent to hold onto the titles he won for a good while as the cruiserweight division isnt exactly full of talent.

But no, Haye decides after being badly hurt by a 36 year old plodder that hes going to STEP UP in weight? Crazy stuff. Hes not got the chin to survive at heavyweight.

Well done to Haye for winning, but hes made a mistake avoiding a showdown with Enzo to campaign at heavyweight. Hes just like Herbie Hide. hes got the natural talent & a big punch, but his chin will let him down at heavyweight. Just like Hides did.
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