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Default Re: Macarinelli must feel a right ****head now

Originally Posted by Dunky McCafferty
To be honest, I was gutted when Haye said "I will fight you Enzo, but not at cruiser!" & suddenly on ESB Macarinelli is the bad guy! All Enzo did was call out Haye, & everyone is calling him a *****

Can someone please tell me what Enzo Macarinelli did that was so wrong? Its what champions do after all, call each other out. & at the end of the day, Haye has beaten an old champion & has backed out of a massive fight with Macarinelli, pretending to be dead at the weight. If anyone is being the ***** here, its David Haye.
Thank **** someone else agrees, I thought I was going mad!!!

I've had this out with the numbnuts in the General Forum.....Yesterday Haye made the weight that Enzo wants the fight to be at, at the weight where all the belts are on the line but Enzo is ducking Haye because he won't take the fight at Heavy??? Haye wasn't wobbled because he's tight at the weight, he was wobbled because he got tagged and his chin isn't the greatest, not the best trait to take up to heavyweight with you....
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