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Default Re: Macarinelli must feel a right ****head now

Originally Posted by Ricard
Yeah but Enzo is hardly high profile like other ****** fighter, Khan etc. Out of all the belt holders he is the least well known. Frank ****** does make his fighters easy to dislike but Enzo doesn't fit the bill as one who runs his mouth.
Thats what I mean about the 'in crowd', Enzos oppostion has been weak but the guy doesn't deserve all the **** he gets, not every fight can be a career defining fight against a wrold beater. It doesn't help on ESB that theres a load of teenaged fanboys hanging off Darnell Wisons every word. Ding seems like a decent bloke, be theres been Ding v Tyson, Ding v Holyfield threads over on the main forum....

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