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Default Re: Macarinelli must feel a right ****head now

Originally Posted by Bodysnatcher
Lads, I have to say, it's very very rare to see a fighter criticised for wanting fight ABOVE his weight.

I'm delighted Haye wants to take on the big boys. That really is taking a risk.

I really like Enzo, but for Haye, after defeating Mormeck, it really isn't a step forward to fight Enzo, I'm sorry, but it reall isn't, and to sday otherwise is to be trapped in a narrow British mindset.
No offence newb, but listen to WHY we are arguing about a Haye-Macarinelli fight. In a perfect world Haye vacates & becomes a big player at heavy.

But this aint a perfect world. Why? For reasons discussed earlier in the thread.

man, do you think I would be moaning if it was as simple as Haye moving up to heavy & dominating? We do think out our arguments in here you know!
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