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Default Re: Wladimir Klitschko vs. Alexander Povetkin

Originally Posted by IntentionalButt View Post
You can scratch Arreola and Peter off that list since both are below his best win (Chambers).
I hate this mentality, it's so stupid and explains why the sport's gone to sh*t so well. When you lose to the champ, you should have to fight a B-fighter to maintain your position as a top contender, you shouldn't go down and knockout 4 D-fighters with no chance in hell and then say "I'm ready to fight the champ". If Povetkin does chicken out that's how Peter is going to get another title shot. It's a complete p*ssy mentality, the fighter has not proven anything since his losing his shot at the title.

Here's all the fighters the two Klitschkos combined to have beaten since 2005, going a combined 15-0:

Sam Peter x 2
Chris Byrd
Calvin Brock
Ray Austin
Lamon Brewster
Sultan Ibragimov
Tony Thompson
Hasim Rahman
Ruslan Chagaev
Eddie Chambers
Juan Carlos Gomez
Chris Arreola
Kevin Johnson
Albert Sosnowski

Throw in Povetkin, Valuev, Ruiz, Haye, Adamek, Liakhovich, Dimitrenko, and Briggs since he's looking to be Vitali's next fight and that's your title fighters/contenders list for the heavyweight division for the past half-decade. Here's all the fights those fighters have done against each other since the beginning of 2005, five and a half years' worth of work, seasoned veterans and up-and-comers and guys that've gotten established in that time, and this is the crem de la crem after the Klitschkos.

Chambers (3-1): def. Brock, lost Povetkin, def. Peter, def. Dimitrenko
Valuev (3-2): def. Ruiz x 2, def. Liakhovich, lost Chagaev, lost Haye
Haye (2-0): def. Ruiz, def. Valuev
Povetkin (2-0): def. Byrd, def. Chambers
Chagaev (2-0): def. Valuev, def. Ruiz
Ibragimov (1-0-1): draw Austin, def. Briggs (now retired apparently)
Adamek (1-0): def. Arreola
Briggs (1-1): def. Liakhovich, lost Ibragimov
Liakhovich (1-2): def. Brewster, lost Briggs, lost Valuev
Austin (0-0-1): draw Ibragimov
Dimitrenko (0-1): lost Chambers
Arreola (0-1): lost Adamek
Brewster (0-1): lost Liakhovich
Brock (0-1): lost Chambers (now retired)
Byrd (0-1): lost Povetkin (now retired apparently)
Peter (0-1): lost Chambers
Ruiz (0-4): lost Valuev x 2, lost Chagaev, lost Haye

No fights against anyone listed: Rahman, Thompson, Gomez, Johnson, Sosnowski

So between these 22 guys, they've had a grand total of 17 fights amongst themselves, and you can make an argument this is the immediate depth of the heavyweight division underneath the Klitschko brothers.

What the hell has Povetkin done since he beat Chambers 30 months ago? Taurus Sykes, Jason Estrada, Leo Nolan, Javier Mora. About time all these guys start fighting each other. The only fighters that appear to have any ***** are Valuev and Chambers.

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