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Default Re: Macarinelli must feel a right ****head now

what's wrong with some of you guys?

Haye accepted to fight Macarinelli before ****** made sure the fight didn't happen by being unreasonable in embryonic negotiations. That suggested that a) he wanted to make sure the fight didn't happen and b) he's not confident Maca would win if the fight did happen.

as for Macarinalli, he seems happy to go along fighting stiffs and build them up as something they're not. He's a fraud as things stand. I guess he knows his limitations and that's why he doesn't rock the boat when ****** gets him these ****ey opponents.

considering the fights these 2 have taken, it seems laughable that some of you guys are implying Haye is the ducker and Maca is the one chasing down the big challenge.
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