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Default Re: Macarinelli must feel a right ****head now

Originally Posted by Dunky McCafferty
To be honest, I was gutted when Haye said "I will fight you Enzo, but not at cruiser!" & suddenly on ESB Macarinelli is the bad guy! All Enzo did was call out Haye, & everyone is calling him a *****

Can someone please tell me what Enzo Macarinelli did that was so wrong? Its what champions do after all, call each other out. & at the end of the day, Haye has beaten an old champion & has backed out of a massive fight with Macarinelli, pretending to be dead at the weight. If anyone is being the ***** here, its David Haye.
I think the reason people are ****ed off is that Haye has been absolutely consistent in his position for a long time. He has said that he is very tight at the weight (I don't think he's "pretending") and that once he has fought "the man" (which turned out to be Mormeck but could have been Bell had Bell won) for the titles he would move up to heavy.

When the fight was there to be made earlier this year ****** insisted on options on Haye's next five fights. Haye said at the time that there wouldn't be another opportunity as he was fighting for the big titles and then moving up.

So now that Enzo says he wants to fight Haye at cruiser, knowing that Haye is moving up, people give him abuse because the fight could have been made before and wasn't due to his promoter's demands and Enzo knows that Haye has stated for 18 months that he struggles to make the weight (he took 5 months to get there this time) and so will be moving up once he's become "the man" at the weight.

Enzo's not getting **** for asking for the fight, he's getting **** for his promoter stopping the fight happening when it could have been made.

Haye is bound to be popular with boxing fans as he has done what most boxing fans claim to like and moved quickly along a broadly traditional route. He won the English cruiserweight title in his 8th fight, fought Carl Thompson in his 11th, won the European title in his 16th, positioned himself in the WBC rankings, fought an eliminator in his 18th fight and has now won the WBC, WBA and Ring titles in his 20th fight aged 26.

Compare that with Enzo who has taken the (unpopular with boxing fans) ****** route of WBU in his 15th fight, defending against nobodies and then winning the WBO in his 26th against Mark Hobson who he'd already beaten earlier that year. With the subsequent joke fights against Gunn and Azzaoui it's easy to see why Enzo gets ****.

Hopefully he'll be able to make some meaningful fights in the future and ****** can give him his own card rather than putting him on Calzaghe undercards, meaning that he's only got pennies to spend on his opponent.
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