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Default Re: Macarinelli must feel a right **head now

so lets get this right...some of you are suggesting that hayes move up to heavyweight is a 'convenient' excuse for not fighting enzo....****, haye has been saying he would move up after his title fight, win, lose or draw, for months now...and your surprised when he announces thats exactly what he is you think even going t6o cardiff to fight enzo would faze a guy who has just gone to a teak tough, if ageing, champions backyard and audaciously picked his pocket for the yet to be convinced that hayes fragile chin is due to him being weight drained, but lets give him a initial thoughs on hearing of his hw asspersions was..herbie hide....big hitter, fast, chinny...and you know what, even if that proves to be the case, so what...its gonna be a helluva reason why enzo cant step up and clean up the cruiserweights globally....who knows, a fight at 15st or 15st4lb might be a possibility with haye if the money is right....??....i fancy haye to stop enzo, but in a torrid affair where heart rules head.....sure haye may be fragile, but so is enzo......hayes achievment last night ranks up with benns smash n grab in italy as a huge british overseas success...lets be happy for the kid, and proud he is a bona fide world champ with charisma and power...why do we always knock sucess at the first possibel opportunity...i think, and hope that haye could possibly win a portion of the hw title.......but the top guys at hw will be to much for him...but timke will tell....

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