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Default Re: Most overrated HW of all time.

Originally Posted by Zakman
Excuses, excuses. Why is it that SO many excuses have to made to justify his "greatness??" He wasn't prepared. He wasn't at his best! The ref called it off to quick. He "avenged" the losses (big deal, the greats don't get starched in the first place by second raters TWICE). And his victory over mental cripple McCall isn't all that impressive anyway. C'mon. This guy is the most overrated top line champ ever. The greats don't get laid out TWICE by B-level fighters. Period.

No excuses are neccesary. Lewis had a couple of serious weaknesses that were exploited by good opposition. Those very good fighters he took on were not able to beat him.

He beat every fighter he ever faced.

There is no heavyweight, ever, who would have an easy evening with him. At all.

If that isn't your cup of tea, that's OK, but to answer a few of your points:

The ref didn't stop the McCall fight to quickly. But many of the fighters he's compared to (i'd say Jeffreis through to Holmes) would have been allowed to continue under similair circumstances in their own eras.

Lewis' weakenss SPECIFICALLY allows for lesser fighters to beat him. That is his specific problem, make of that what you will.

Lewis' vitory of "mental cripple" McCall IS impressive to me because it demonstrates that Lewis doesn't share in McCall's weakness. The dog that bit you and all that there.

Many people seek to denegrate Lewis because of these losses - I'm not one of them principally because i'm always interested in fighters at their very best.
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