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Default Re: Grigory "Pretty Boy" Drozd

Originally Posted by Vysotsky View Post
The comment had to do with avk and myself mocking his photoshoot and the way Drozd portrayed himself. You're the one who somehow made the leap to sucking ****s and gargling sperm. I only spoke about women, like your mom

If you can't contain your **** erotic fantasies then perhaps you should keep your Cuban ass out of the Euro section.

P.S. Isn't your beloved Cuban hero an admitted ****sucker? Perhaps Savon will let you fulfill your *** urges on him.
I just admitted I misunderstood your (awkward) joke yet you still continue You are really REALLY sensitive aren't you?

I thought you were a Drozd nuthugger (now it's clear you're not but obviously I dislike fanboys who call other people a hater who are not a fanboy like themselves).

Btw I'm not Cuban and have no idea where you get that from
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