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Default Re: The 1980 US Amateur Boxing Team accident

All the names should be included on the tragic boxing stories thread - go to search
It is likely in the archives by now and not an active thread.

Some of the names - PAUL PALOMINO, brother of welterweight champion
Carlos Palomino. One of the top boxers was LEMUEL STEEPLES, then there was the young one from Washington State CHUCK ROBINSON. and the many others.

The whole affair is a double tragedy, in that the trip to Poland where the plane crashed and exploded leaving the hopes, wishes and dreams in a pile of ashes turned out to be a
trip that wasn't necessary as the USA boycotted the 1980 Moscow Olympics.

Without a doubt, this is one of the greatest tragedies in boxing history.
Just to think, just two years before the tragedy Chuck Robinson was engaged in a boxing tournament in Nanaimo, BC, Canada with the complete name being

After 1978, there were follow-up tournaments, including one in 1985 in which I
was an official for some of the bouts, but the glory of 1978 was missing, and
the past performance of boxer CHUCK ROBINSON was never mentioned.

As a flashback to 1978, Robinson defeated two BC boxers from Richmond and the
North West Eagles Boxing Club of North Vancouver

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