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Default Re: Anyone know where to get an ANGLE BAG in Australia ?

Originally Posted by muttley
top blokes too!

I bought a JB speedball set from Rebel Sport a few years ago (brackets, board, swivel and bag) but my garage roof was too low for the L-brackets to be able to set it at the right height for me.

I rang JB and spoke to an old pommy guy there and explained my predicament and he said to email him and fax through my receipt and he would see what he could do for me.

Next thing I know, he's asking me for my address and I get a column mount for my speedball and board delivered by courier absolutely free!! (I'm in Sydney and they're in Vic BTW).

Great service, every piece of boxing equipment I buy is JB now.
yeah dude same

from them i have bought a whole speedball setup, heavy bag, hand wraps, headgear, gloves, floor to ceiling ball and also various other stuff. Half the time the shipping costs ****** all and sometimes its free! good quality stuff that lasts ages
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