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Default New gloves: break in time required?

Hey guys,

Kinda new to boxing so get ready for a stupid question! I had the cheap $29.99 12oz Everlast gloves you get at the store for a while and just recently moved upto the 16oz professional hook and loop gloves:

I love these gloves but there's quite an issue I'm dealing with. The gloves are really right around the bottom of the hand. After a few rounds I get a lot of pain in my inner palm area since it's pressed together. I'm thinking it's the elastic between the gloves right over the lower palm area that is squeezing my hand together and causing this pain. I literally have to remove the gloves after a few rounds and take a break to let my inner palm get some circulation going.

The cheap 12oz never had this issue. Sorry for the long description but is this normal? Will they stretch out after a few uses? I am using 180 wraps under the gloves.

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