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Default Re: Most overrated HW of all time.

Spot on duodenum. In this post you have captured nicely what gets debated on this forum all the time.

Originally Posted by Duodenum
Agreed. A true ATG HW champion does not lose his title in the prime of his career to a single punch early in a title defense from a mediocre challenger. It didn't happen to Jack Johnson, Joe Louis, Larry Holmes, Joe Frazier, Floyd Patterson, Muhammad Ali, or any other prominent champion in the division's history, except Lennox Lewis, and it happened to Lewis not once, but twice. (Where Floyd Patterson is concerned, Ingo and Liston both needed considerably more than one punch to dethrone him. Rachman and McCall are not in the same class as Ingo and Sonny.) Yes, Lennox may have been the best of his day, but an ATG? He invites comparisons to Big John Tate, moreso than the HW division's true elite. (Except that it took Weaver and Berbick several more rounds to eliminate Tate than it took McCall and Rachman to take out Lewis.)
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