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Default Re: Boxings Greatest Trilogies

Originally Posted by ibragimovfan
Number One How Can You Argue With


Best Trilogy Ever
Because a lot of us have seen more boxing and are not fooled by HBO hype.

Gatti-Ward is overrated.

The first fight was a classic but a great trilogy should at least be competitive and fairly close. The 2nd fight was alright, with one terrific round, but Gatti won 10-0 or 9-1. Ward won 2 rounds in the 3rd fight, when Gatti injured his hand, and when Ward scored a late KD after getting outboxed for the first 2:55 of the round. Barrera-Morales was a better trilogy among this decade. Pacquiao-Morales was probably better too, at least that had two very good and competitive bouts.

I personally like Bowe-Holyfield better than Ali-Frazier. Ali-Frazier had greater impact due to the popularity and the times, but Bowe-Holyfield had 3 very good bouts. The FOTC and Manila were classics, but the 2nd fight was a stinky clinchfest.
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