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Default Re: Boxings Greatest Trilogies

for a stinky clinch fest please see Lewis Akinwande.

It will reset your stinkometer and Ali Frazier II will suddenly become one of your favorite ever fights...

Originally Posted by Erratic Behavior
Because a lot of us have seen more boxing and are not fooled by HBO hype.

Gatti-Ward is overrated.

The first fight was a classic but a great trilogy should at least be competitive and fairly close. The 2nd fight was alright, with one terrific round, but Gatti won 10-0 or 9-1. Ward won 2 rounds in the 3rd fight, when Gatti injured his hand, and when Ward scored a late KD after getting outboxed for the first 2:55 of the round. Barrera-Morales was a better trilogy among this decade. Pacquiao-Morales was probably better too, at least that had two very good and competitive bouts.

I personally like Bowe-Holyfield better than Ali-Frazier. Ali-Frazier had greater impact due to the popularity and the times, but Bowe-Holyfield had 3 very good bouts. The FOTC and Manila were classics, but the 2nd fight was a stinky clinchfest.
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