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Default Re: My top 10 Heavyweights

Originally Posted by Amsterdam
This is actually the best list that I have seen in a long time and everyone has to note that this is one of the FEW lists that have Lewis in a reasonable spot, I only disagree with three things -

Tyson deserves a lower top 10 spot for that magnificent 80's bulldozer run of his, not to mention a few fair wins after that.

Dempsey's a few notches too high, but a case can be made for that region in the top 10 due to his effect on the sport, sure.

Patterson shouldn't be ranked under Wills.
Thnaks for the feedback guy. I tend to be unsure about exactly where to rank Patterson - he's sure NOT top 20 like some suggest - because of the chin issue, and the gnerally **** poor opposition. Wills is a lot better than many give him credit for. Some suggested he was the best of the "black dynamite" fighters (clearly I don't agree as you can see I have Langford considerably higher).

Another thing I struggle with is Jeffries. Reading up on him both here and in some articles and books leads me to believe that in his prime, he was really a fighter ahead fo his time, I sometimes think about swithcing him with Johnson, but that's a tough call.

Tyson is clearly borderline top ten, and I have considered switching him with Frazier. Considering I rank Dempsey as highly I as I to at least partially on these grounds, I may just do that. Jackj Dempsey is horribly underrated today - in his time, and for many years after, he was considered the best of all time. Until the guys who actually saw him started to die offf, most people ranked him ahead of Louis. I really think the "GOAT" debate should be a three way affair.
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