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Default Re: Macarinelli must feel a right **head now

On the chin issue...

I can guarantee that Enzo Maccarinelli has a worse chin than David Haye. David will be the first to admit his chin is hardly Toney-esque, but find me an example of him being shaken by a shot to the chin. Thompson? No. Mock? Temple. Mormeck? Temple. Twite? Temple.
**** it, maybe he has a glass temple. Whatever, the guy can take a shot. He's taken FLUSH shots from Danny Williams, Sultan Ibragimov, Alex Gurov, Kelvin Davis and a ton of other heavyweights in the gym - a lot of the time without headgear.

Maccarinelli is improving all the time, but he's been buzzed plenty in his career. Bruce Scott ****ed him up. Swaby obviously, too. Mark Hobson had him going, and Hobson can't punch. Marcelo Dominguez had him gone as well, but Enzo was helped by the bell. When Enzo gets caught clean, there is always a reaction. Just watch the footage.
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