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Default Re: The official K1 thread

Here are my thoughts on that last event...finally!

Yoshimichi Matsumoto was, as predicted, true to the "Thriller" moniker yet again (both in victory in the quarterfinal, and - less flatteringly - in his knockout defeat in the semifinal). The one with Uematsu was an absolute classic. As brutally and decisively as he was put out cold with that high kick, there is no shame in a loss to Yuta Kubo. It would have been a tough out for even the Cinderella man even if both were fresh; as it is, Matsumoto was ragged from having just gone through a war with Uematsu, and Kubo had had what amounted to a no-sweat warm-up sparring session in his own quarterfinal.

Matsumoto is becoming one of my favorite fighters in not only K1 but all of combat sports, and might be my favorite southpaw period right now.

Kraus is a master pressurer/grinder, but what else is new? What an amazing final, and we can only hope there's a rematch.

Almost best of all, Kizaeman Saiga got knocked off his high smiley horse!

What a great card all around. The only dull spots were Dida-Nagashima and Miyata-Watanabe and even those were watchable.
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