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Default Re: Afiff Belghecham Highlights

He's an exciting all-heart brawler with a good work rate.

He's one of the toughest wins and best names to date on the resume of Hassan N'Dam N'Jikam (and Andy Lee, and Darren Barker for that matter).

I'd really like to see the full Belghecham-Roselia fight. It's only six rounds, so it's surprising nobody's bothered to upload it since that would fit in a mere two installments on Youtube. The tale of the tape would be especially interesting to see; it looks like Affif is giving up at least five inches there. Being that he's listed at 5'9" that would put Roselia at no less than an inch over six feet - he's plainly tall for a middleweight in any event. Roselia's also not a bad fighter, which makes the older and shorter Belghecham apparently kicking his ass all the more impressive.

Here's Roselia doing quite well for the most part against common opponent Woulid Guarras (stopped by Belghecham in 10 rounds...and N'Dam N'Jikam in 5 ):

It's obvious that Roselia isn't too disciplined about always fighting tall, which is probably his undoing in most of his losses. When he stays behind the jab he does well, though. After trading knockdowns throughout, Roselia seemed to gain the upper hand in the fifth, forcing Guarras to take a standing eight count. Roselia seemed to have him on ***** St. and out on his feet before the bizarre circumstances that got him disqualified. The referee appeared to jump in and wave it off to protect Guarras (so the fight is over, and should be a TKO5 win for Roselia) but Roselia in the heat of the moment walks up and billy-goats Guarras in the face over the ref's shoulder. The whole round is actually very strange, with some odd officiating of the clinches.

Rematches between all three of them would be nice - maybe another French middleweight grand tournoi?
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