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Default Re: When did Mosley's & DLH's primes end?

Its hard to say, Delahoya looked rejuvinated and had more bows to his string at 154lbs but physically he was at his best at 147, although his defense/right hand wasn't quite as cultured at that stage. When he went to 160lbs it was more because Hopkins/Sturm would bow to the wage demands that Mosley would not. It really showed because it certainly wasnt his weight class and after the Hopkins fight he was very innactive

With Mosley its a whole other kettle of fish, I'd say the first Oscar fight was his prime but Oscar did play into Shane's hands a little. At 154lbs Shane wasn't really putting his punches together aswell and didnt have the physical advantages but in the second Winky fight he did very very well and it was closer than most admit. After that he didn't get any big fights until Cotto years later when he had faded
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