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Default Re: When did Mosley's & DLH's primes end?

Originally Posted by Nicky P View Post
Absolutely. I think my expections of Mosley were allways way too high because of the Sugar nickname.

Can you think of any examples of SSM outboxing opponents?
At the end of the day he will always be a "Sugar" and a future HOF'er but like the little brother not as skilled as his older brothers(SRL & SRR). Nothing wrong with that his "two brothers" are two of the greatest boxers in history with Robinson being mostly considered the greatest boxer of all-time. Mosley threw many jabs versus Antonio Diaz(watching it now) that's the most times I remember him jab and he did fight more like a boxer in that fight. The only example I can really use. Shane reminds me of a stronger version of Meldrick Taylor. Both can use the jab and had great speed but they just preferred to trade shots instead of making fights easier for them by boxing more.
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