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Default Re: Macarinelli must feel a right **head now

Originally Posted by Steve Fox
As risk of sounding repetitive:- Haye specifically said that if this fight was to happen, it had to happen in April. Enzo fought Gunn. Enzo also said on Setanta that he's not stupid, he's not going to give away 20 pounds of natural weight - hardly the words of a fearless warrior, are they? Enzo says he wants to fight Haye providing it's the Haye who hasn't eaten a proper meal in 17 weeks, but at the moment they're only words, and who knows what would happen if Haye said yes.
Why should Haye change the all ready chosen path of his impressive career, just to accomodate a fighter who makes a living beating opponents of the has-been, never-were or never-will-be variety? In real terms Haye is The Champion, Enzo is a popular but unproven fighter. There seem to be a fair few fans out there ready to excuse Enzo's shockingly under-performing career (a luxury many fighters would kill for) and he should be greatful of that.
The reason I discovered ESB in the first place, was in order to see what people thought about this fight and I think the first comment I ever wrote was 'fight won't happen'. I've always said it and will always say it, they are a different class of fighter, FW knows this and anyone with half an eye for a fighter knows this.
To anyone who is still determined to defend Enzo, let me ask you this:- without his WBO belt, wht would he be?
Excellent post! The MAN has spoken!
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