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Default Re: Timur Ibragimov vs Timo Hoffman on the 23rd of June in Germany

Originally Posted by boxexpert

look: the germans are desperately looking for a heavyweight-champion,the first since max schmeling. the only "real" german is definitely hoffmann and his name sounds very german. all others are either russians,turkish,albanians or any other nationality.

this way, the germans do definitely overrate him. its nothing wrong with that,but this doesnt make a boxer better than he really is or even a champion
I dont know,boxexpert.Of course you are German,and certainly entitled to your opinion,but I have seen lots of German people who enthusiacically support fighters like Artur Abraham.Actually,I usually have the feeling that -as you put it-"real" German fighters have the least support of fighters who appear on a given fight card in Germany.
I can still-vividly-remember those bunch of ****s behind me who were shouting insults to Michel Trabant in his fight against Rivera.The American had knocked Trabant down.Nevertheless Trabant came back trying his best to turn the tables,and those ****s-by the way Germans-were constantly shouting insults towards their compatriot.I for my part really admired Trabant for his game but vain try to make Rivera pay for that knockdown.
I almost started a fight with those bums.
Of course I always support fighters from home country,but I also root for my favourite fighters irrespective of their origin.
As for Hoffman I have seen of his fights live,but I have never seen much support for him in a fight arena.
I wouldnt argue the toss with you about it,but I dont think that anybody has ever overrated Timo Hoffman -neither in Germany nor in any other country.
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