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Default Re: Vladimir Virchis vs Henry Akinwande

Originally Posted by Merry
One should never underestimate Akinwande, the bloke´s still pretty slippery even at 42. Virchis has lots of power but little finesse and Akinwande - if in trouble is a master at hugging his opponent. Akinwande still has got a pretty good upper body movement and you ve seen him bow his head low to hip level so many times when a guy keeps charging him to avoid getting hit, Virchis has a rather stiff upperbody and you dont see him throw many uppercuts. so I dont see him catching Akinwande too often in case the Brit comes in with his head low with the intention to hug.

Stylewise the worst case scenario for Virchis and Kohl should keep his hands off henry. We have seen Virchis struggle with Sprott and Akinwande should be even more awkward than Sprott. Thats not to say Virchis couldnt kO him if he catches him cleanly but how often will he be able to catch him cleanly
I totally agree with you,merry!
Akinwande is one of the least desirable opponents for Virchis.The African makes any opponent look bad,and he is as good at wrestling as Ruiz.
Samil Sam,Timo Hoffman,or Matt Skeleton would be tailor made for Virchis IMO.Akinwande vs Virchis could go either way.
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