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Default Re: Anyone seen Marciano fight live?

Originally Posted by Homicidal Hank
It's harder to see things when you see a fight live. It's easier to be swayed by the crowd.

Television announcers can influence their audience by cheerleading too. It is best to judge a fighter by seeing him both live and on television. Boxing is both theater and sport. A ring side ticket allows the boxing fan intimate access to the action more so than any other sport I can think of. The sound and fury of a boxing match looses something in the translation on television, much like watching a play, opera, or concert on television looses something. Think about it. It’s true. The replay jumbo screens at stadiums have the ability to show replays the same as television. If you want to see how fast Roy Jones really is, or how hard Vladimir Klitschko hits, you must see it live to fully appreciate it.
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