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Default Re: The official K1 thread

Originally Posted by Grievesy View Post
Don't think so. Don't watch too much tv though. ESPN has just come over though and have done a fairly good job with football, some boxing and UFC. In fact I love that we get the UFC events at no extra cost other than the subscription to the channel and I forget that they are PPV over there in the US. I couldn't pay $50 for an event.

TBH I'm not surprised that K-1 and DREAM isn't widely available anywhere outside Japan. They are very insular in that they cater to the Japanese only and care little for the global fans, although that could be changing.
HDNet does a good job of trying to promote it, with commercials almost every day and at all different times (they even advertise K1 and MMA programming during "Girls Gone Wild: America's ***iest Girl" marathons ).

Michael Schiavello, despite being something of an acquired taste, is also an iconic personality and calls several different promotions for HDNet including K1. He's able to really push the brands with his passion and knowledge (and his...unique style & sense of humor). He's a huge MMA fanboy but something in the tone of his delivery tells me that K1 is nearest and dearest to his heart).
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