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Default Re: You know what?...We should ALSO have mma's "boxrec"

Originally Posted by boxingcar
The reason why I keep bringing this **** up is because I've seen mma fights on the net in which Fedor was participating , unfortunately I can't find them cause I do not have the name of his other opponents there's like 133 vids for fedor on youtube and i don't think anyone bothered to upload these vids before...

I think i have one of em burned on a DVD. If I find it ,I'll upload it so that you people can see what I'm talking about.

You're not making a very good case here. **** you have seen on Youtube but can't find is not a substitute for a legitimate, organized, somewhat sanctioned event that publishes official results. Boxrec has the advantage of a worldwide standardized set of rules upheld by world sanctioning bodies, anthing on there can be obtained in written record by contacting the WBC/WBA/IBF/WBO etc etc. MMA is a patchwork quilt of various rules, events, and locations that often occur under very shady circumstances. Sherdog has standards for an event held to qualify it for a professional MMA event, and Fedor beating some Lithuanian guy, whose name is unknown, up in the back of a bar in a location/date unknown, for $500 doesn't make the cut.
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