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Default Re: You know what?...We should ALSO have mma's "boxrec"

Originally Posted by boxingcar
The reason why I keep bringing this **** up is because I've seen mma fights on the net in which Fedor was participating , unfortunately I can't find them cause I do not have the name of his other opponents there's like 133 vids for fedor on youtube and i don't think anyone bothered to upload these vids before...

I think i have one of em burned on a DVD. If I find it ,I'll upload it so that you people can see what I'm talking about.
This isn't making sense to me. Just because you don't know who you are seeing in a video, you are blamming the accuracy and professionalism of fight finder? I am sure that there are boxing Hightlight videos out there in which you don't know everyone that you see. Do you blame boxrec for that? Hell, at least fightfinder has pictures with most of their known fighters, boxrec doesn't even have that to go by.
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