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Default Re: Randy Couture should fight James Toney in a Boxing Match. Why?

Originally Posted by James23 View Post
Incredible. I spelled it out for you, plain as day, and you're still not getting it.

Toney is a novice Mixed Martial Artist. Novice is simply a qualifier. He's still a mixed martial artist.

Couture is an expert Mixed Martial Artist.

They're both mixed martial artists, just different levels. How they approached it varies but invariably there are many different ways to become a mixed martial artist.

(Without losing sight that they're not purely Mixed Martial Artists, as I clarified earlier)

How they came to be these things is important and I clearly delineate these in our previous posts.

Man, I'm not confused as to what you are saying.. I just don't agree with you..

You say they are both MMartist and I don't believe I would call toney one because he tried to learn a few wrestling moves..

So please stop with all this " I can't believe this" and "I can't make it any clearer" stuff..

I get you, I just don't agree with you. I've considered your point of view, have you considered mine?
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