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Default Re: Randy Couture should fight James Toney in a Boxing Match. Why?

Originally Posted by #1Rounder View Post
Man, I'm not confused as to what you are saying.. I just don't agree with you..

You say they are both MMartist and I don't believe I would call toney one because he tried to learn a few wrestling moves..

So please stop with all this " I can't believe this" and "I can't make it any clearer" stuff..

I get you, I just don't agree with you. I've considered your point of view, have you considered mine?
Of course I have. It's simply incorrect.

If someone signs up to do boxing, and does it for a lesson or two, or however long or short you want, the moment they learn a boxnig technique, they're a boxer. They're a beginner. Just like the guys that fight in the local golden gloves are boxers, just like Floyd Mayweather is a boxer, they're simply on different levels.

Same thing applies here. What makes a mixed martial artist? Attempting to apply multiple (more then one) styles into one effective style. Toney attempted to do this by learning techniques other then boxing techniques to suppliment and make effective his boxing. Therefore, by definition, he is a mixed martial artist. You simply add in the qualifier to denote his level, which is a novice.

Edit - For matters of clarity, I should be even more specific.

If your average man/woman goes to learn boxing as self defense, in definition that doesn't make them a boxer, I'd concede. It makes them someone trained in boxing.

If you decide to put your boxing training to use in a combative athletics contest, then you're a boxer, no matter your level. You could be the worst boxer in the history of boxing, you're still a boxer (just a horrid one).

Toney attempted to learn the complexities of MMA to augment his boxing skills in an attempt to apply them in the MMA realm. Thus, he is a Mixed Martial Artist, regardless of his level of overall skill.

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