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Default Re: Randy Couture should fight James Toney in a Boxing Match. Why?

Originally Posted by James23 View Post
No shame in being wrong most of the time (this not being one of those times). I'm wrong all the time in areas where I'm completely oblivious, and I'm happy to admit that I am. Here is simply an area (martial arts) that I've been involved in my entire life (essentially), and have thought a great deal about.

Now if we were to talk about just boxing then for sure you'd be correcting me left and right. I'm not a boxing expert. Novice at best.

I actually follow both Boxing and Mma, as I took Tae Kwon Do from age 8 to 13. Then I started wrestling in middle school all the way through high school.. Even with me knowing both of these, I don't consider myself a MMArtist.. Of course I haven't competed in about 10 years..

You are just going strictly by definition and I am going by actual in depth training of a discipline as a whole..

Never the less, nice debate..
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