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Default Re: Randy Couture should fight James Toney in a Boxing Match. Why?

Originally Posted by #1Rounder View Post
I actually follow both Boxing and Mma, as I took Tae Kwon Do from age 8 to 13. Then I started wrestling in middle school all the way through high school.. Even with me knowing both of these, I don't consider myself a MMArtist.. Of course I haven't competed in about 10 years..

You are just going strictly by definition and I am going by actual in depth training of a discipline as a whole..

Never the less, nice debate..
I'll also watch a good boxing match, but seems they've been few and far between recently.

I also started in TKD when I was 4, got my black belt when I was 13 and started boxing, muay thai and BJJ when I was 18. Muay Thai first, then BJJ and rounding it out with boxing. I now wish I did wrestling because damn it's effective when combined with other styles.

And even by loose standards, you're a mixed martial artist. You've studied multiple martial arts, you can combine them or keep them separate and use them each individually should the need arise, so you're a mixed martial artist. Easy, really.

Ever train any BJJ? If not, I'd highly recommend it. I wish to all hell we had it where I live when I was a kid. Way more effective the TKD in every sense of the word. TKD is largely useless by itself, I've found. My Muay Thai instructor beat the **** outta me when we sparred. I was simply never used to his kinds of techniques and the sheer effectiveness of his skill set under duress, which TKD doesn't teach you to cope with.

And yeah, interesting. You didn't come at me with anything malicious, but I suppose I was in kind of a "defensive" kind of position because of the way in which this thread was approached and because of the initial reply of Poppy with the heading "FAIL". So, I replied in kind. I should have been a bit more sincere to yourself, so my apologies. I try and keep it on level with whom I'm talking to, and you seem to be level-headed. So, thank you, sir.
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