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Default Re: Ingemar Johansson was not knocked out cold by Brian London

Originally Posted by ChrisPontius
Good post MF. I didn't know that it was something reproduced to discredit Johansson. When something is not on film, a lot of fables easily develop. Water turning into wine and all that.
The fight is on film, actually, and the story is an exaggeration of reality rather than a pure fable.
And, for the note, oral transmission actually is/has been a surprisingly reliable means of transmission in some cultures where it was the prime mode of communicating information down through generations- for example, entire plays and the like would be transmitted down generation to generation with masters and apprentices working specifically to imprint the entire thing word-for-word in the apprentice's mind.

I find it hard to rate Johansson. He absolutely destroyed Machen which no one else ever did again, and Patterson was only knocked out like that against Liston. But he resume is rather thin outside of that.
He still has wins over Cooper, Erskine, Cavicchi, and most of the other noteworthy European heavyweights of the era outside those two. A little thin, yes, but respectable.

Is he the only champion to have never fought someone with a losing record? Very impressive.
I'm unsure.

I think there are some ****ogies between him and Ibeabuchi. Both had very short careers but very impressive wins. Ibeabuchi was not knocked out in a rematch but then again, his win against Tua is debatable.
I think Machen and Patterson were better than Byrd and Tua, and Johansson has a much stronger supporting resume outside his two real big wins. Ibeabuchi fought a steady stream of no-names for his first 16 fights, got a debatable decision against Tua, stopped a couple more clubfighters, and then knocked out Byrd- Johansson, on the other hand, was taking on fringe contender level opponents like Bygraves, Cavicchi, Cooper and Erskine at that stage of his career, and proceeded to demolish two actual elite-level opponents who, in my opinion and probably yours, were better than the likes of Byrd and Tua, and win the championship. Johansson has a greater set of accomplishments than Ibeabuchi, in my opinion.
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