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Default Re: Post A Pick Of Yourself On Classic Forum

Sure, I won't be 140 all the time either it's just my minimum fighting weight. I can come in at a very fit 150, I'd give you the 18+ pounds. It'd be a friendly spar anyway I assume unless we find something to get hostile over

I'm ultra ****ing aggressive at the moment, seriously. I sparred a very good guy tonight, he weighs aroung 175 pounds. He held back of course, he's more accurate than a sniper so if he didn't I'd be in trouble. He complimented me on my fighting spirit, said I had character. He's the kind of guy who never gives compliments so if he does it means a lot. Good boxer, very arrogant but for a good reason.

Sparred a 140 pounder after that who no longer competes but was a national champion a few years ago and bullied him around
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