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Default Re: Mister T's Training Log

Goal 1: Improving Cardio

To make my cardio better, I'm gonna do interval training on the elliptical machine.

Basically, I run for 10 rounds at maximum incline (30 degrees uphill) and maximum resistance (Level 15). During that 10 rounds, I emulate the course of a boxing match (including the rest periods) by running at different RPMs (Revolutions per Minute).

A normal Interval Training on the Elliptical Machine looks like this:

Minute #1: Rest (Run at 30 RPMs)
Minute #2: 1st Minute of Round 1 (Run at 40 RPMs)
Minute #3: 2nd Minute of Round 1 - (Run at 50 RPMs)
Minute #4: 3rd Minute of Round 1 - (Run at 40 RPMs)
Minute #5: Rest (aka end of round1) - (Run at 30 RPMs)
*repeat until all 10 rounds are done (takes approximately 40 minutes)*

I remember reading somewhere that doing interval training (i.e going from 30 to 40 to 50 to 40 to 30 RPMs) is the best way to create a similar situation that your heart goes through during a boxing match.

I'll outline my weightlifting regimen in my next post.

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