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Default Re: You know what?...We should ALSO have mma's "boxrec"

Originally Posted by boxingcar
Ok , but they should at least do an effort for big time champs or at least Top 20 fighters. You obviously can't track down every single fights in any combat sports but when a name like nogueira or wandy or penn..etc is's not too much to ask imo.

I mean...seriously...
Ok...FORGET the unlisted fights....

what about this ****!!!???

and this!!! Fat guy? WTF!

this is not professional.
You can only go on what the promoters give to you, especially on Shooto shows from the ****ing 80s.

"Fat Guy" probably did not give a name to the promoters, or the promoters didn't give it to Sherdog.

Why are you on such a crusade against probably the most helpful tool for MMA fans out there?

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