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Default Re: What If Pacquiao Made References To Kool Aid / Fried Chicken?

Originally Posted by left right left View Post
Football season has started, finally. Statistics prove that african americans can't, at a high percentage, play quarterback, arguably the most important position in all of american pro sports, in the NFL. You seem to be an expert on world race matters, explaining away Floyd's stupid, racist and ignorant comments. You can't give Floyd a pass on that, especially KNOWING what WOULD have happened had the situation been reversed.

sidenote: Hey, Steelers haters...not so fast...Watch out for Dennis Dixon stepping in for Roethlisberger. He's got the goods.
statistics also show that serial killers at a high percentage will be a white person. Does that mean other races CANT be one? They also show that a white person is more likely to shoot up his job killing innocnet people if fired. Does that mean other races CANT? Black people are predominantly more likely to have been through the judicial system before age 21 does that mean other races CANT? Stats serve a purpose they do but this isnt one of them.

and im not defending Floyd im merely stating what was racist and what wasnt and like i said some sated earlier that 'yellow' to asians is the same as i guess the N word is to black people if thats the ccase...yea thats racial....however i did not know an asian being called yellow is the same level so that too would be my ignorance.

However stating the egg roll and cats and dog bit..thats not racial jsut sterotyping.
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