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Default Re: What If Pacquiao Made References To Kool Aid / Fried Chicken?

Originally Posted by thesmokingm View Post
You are mentally re****ed if you can't see that that is being oppressive. Logically the race being oppressive makes the blatant point that it is superior because it can force the other to do whatever it wants. ****ing christ, grow some brain cells. What are you racists?
You post this at me and tell me to grow some braincells when you are the sensative type I'm talking about in my post. It seems people fail to even get the context right for anything spoken nowadays. All he said was I will make pac my *****. That is all. HE DIDN'T SAY THE ASIAN RACE WAS INFERIOR TO ANYONE. Like I already said. You're laughable attempt at connecting what floyd said to racial superiority shows the Irony of you trying to tell me to grow some braincells.

On top of all that, What floyd said wasn't even serious. He just went overboard playing his villianous persona role. Nothing more to it.
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