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Default Re: Heavy Bag Question

Originally Posted by running man
i am looking to buy a heavy bag for my home use and am having a tough time deciding what to get. i originally wanted a leather heavy bag of a least 100 pounds. 150 pounds would be optimal, but i don't want to spend much over $200. a guy i know told me i should opt for a water bag from powair (which is supposedly the best brand of water bags). i don't have any experience with water bags and was wondering if it is worth it to buy one over a leather one. i can get the 150 pound water bag for about $200. any thoughts on whether i will like the water bag as much as a traditional bag.
I don't have any experience when it comes to water bags, but it would be helpful to know your weight. You are generally supposed to get a bag that is around half of your weight. I prefer leather bags, but I'd wait till some more people provide input before making your final decision.
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