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Default Sergio Martinez to be used as sparring partner for Margarito?

Over on the Scene of Boxing, it's being reported that Team Margarito are looking to acquire the services of Sergio Martinez in their preperation for Pacquiao. Garcia, Margo's trainer, had this to say:

"I'm very close to Sergio Martinez' camp and he is such a great person and they offered to help us out with whatever we need. I know that he is fighting Paul Williams, who is totally the opposite of Antonio Margarito, but he may be coming a couple days a week to camp. So more than likely we will be having Sergio Martinez as one of our sparring partners. We'll have another four to five sparring partners but Martinez will be one of them. As of now that is what his coach and his team have already told me."

What do you guys think? Not a bad person to have as a sparring partner. Considering Tony's weaknesses against southpaws, and Martinez' brilliant in and out movement around the ring, I think he'll be pretty useful at imitating Pac's style.
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